Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boo-day contd.

So if you read the previous post, you saw that Kylie was definitely not interested in her pumpkin cake for her birthday. Actually she did try to go for it, but we weren't quite ready for her to take the plunge, so we tried to keep her yeah, we think we are a bit of the reason why she wanted nothing to do with it. She is kind of like that...she wants something when she wants it and not when you want her to have it.

We decided since the pumpkin was pretty well in tact that we would keep it refrigerated until her actual birthday (November 4th). We got her down to a onesie and crowned her princess once again (I love that crown!) and we laid out a plastic tablecloth on the floor with the prize pumpkin in the middle. Here is some footage of what happened.

Our local news station, Fox 4, has a weekend segment where they feature First Birthdays for those that send in a picture of their little one. Of course we had to send in her picture, because she is so darn cute, and everyone needs to see that she is having her first birthday! We must not have made the cutoff for the feature last weekend, so we got to see our princess this weekend...she is such a star! Here is a link to her picture...Click on Nov 7-8 Pt2

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