Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Look!

Yes, you're in the right spot. This is Kylie's blog!

I hope everyone likes the new look. We just thought the old was was just getting tired. Actually, the reason I couldn't stand it was because of the "double window" when we posted a video. Drove me crazy! This one just killed two birds with one stone. It fixed the video problem and it looks so much cheerier.

One other kind of neat thing about this one: there's a search box. It's the little white box - although it's not labeled - above the slideshow with the little blue birdy in it. Not sure how much that will ever get used, but once we get into the millions of posts (ha!), it would be nice to go back and search for everything with "Children's Mercy" or something else. Click the little birdy to search!

We also added some new pictures to the slideshow. I think there is something like 25 now (compared to about five before).

A couple of other random things:

#1. Two posts back I mentioned that we'll have another EEG. That's scheduled for Wednesday, August 12th. We'll meet with Dr. Le Pichon that Friday, 8/14 at Children's Mercy South. Speaking of J.B. Le Pichon, he's in France from 6/19 through something like 7/12. I think he's really worried I'm going to try and pester him while he's there with non-important questions. Let's just put it this way, he knows me. So, when he calls me back, he proably makes sure there is nothing on his schedule for the next half hour or so. However, I really appreciate him taking the time to answer all of our questions.

So, some prayers on 8/12 and 8/14 would be greatly appreciated!

#2. Comments - we know a handful of people out there read this. We would love to know who you are and maybe how you found the blog (if you don't know us). You don't have to leave anything too thought out or in-depth. Just let us know who's out there. It's like little, mini presents for us when we see comments.

#3. We all know the Royal's stink. One thing they lead the league in?

Cutest fans!


Anonymous said...

You're right. There are people out here reading your blog and praying for your little one. I hope the ACTH does the trick for her.

My nephew's daughter also had the terrifying diagnosis of IS. In the blog world she's known as "Our Sweet Sophie." It was from a reference on her blog that I found yours.

Stay strong for your angel. We'll continue to keep her (and you) in our thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled over from Sophie's blog as well... which I began reading from Marissasbunny... which I found because the artist of a web-comic I follow had ordered one of Marissa's Fairfax bunnies.

I don't personally know anyone battling IS, but Kylie & all the others I have read about are in my prayers as well.

Anonymous said...

love the new look!


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