Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Okay, since I know Matt loves cookies I decided to make him a giant cookie for Father's Day. It was a bit modified since I thought I had 2 half filled bags of chocolate chip cookies...apparently I was wrong, one of the half bags was chocolate and the other was butterscotch. That's okay, it was a new creation, a special Father's Day creation :) It was perfect, because everything we have been through has not been quite what we had in mind, but things are working out and we are adapting along the way....just the same, the cookie is getting eaten too :) And yes I decorated it too!

Matt got an early Father's Day present from Kylie on Saturday. She was in such a laughing and gigglig mood, it was just so much fun! Pretty much anything either of us said it did, she would just crack up laughing...she has never done that before. I finally broke away from the fun, because I really wanted to capture some of this time on video. The video is a bit dark, sorry, not enough light in the room (and a light for our digital recorder is close to $100, so needless to say we won't be getting that anytime soon)...that's okay, you don't need light to hear her laugh, just your ears and your heart. An additional Father's Day gift from Kylie was that she slept through the night for the first time in forever..we honestly can't remember the last time she slept through the night. She went to bed around 8-8:30pm and got up at 5am! Way to go Kylie baby!!

Matt is absolutely a wonderful daddy for Kylie! He will do anything for her, and just loves her to pieces! He has come home for lunch every day since all of this started, so he could hold Kylie down for me when I had to give her the shots, and then finish up her feeding. I love nothing more than seeing the two of them together and the best is when she falls asleep in his arms and he is just sitting there watching her or falling asleep himself. Soo precious! Such a wonderful dad!! Kylie just adores her daddy too...smiling every time she sees him and always watching whatever he does. He is so great to take her on walks around the neighborhood or just going outside so I can have a bit of quiet time, or time for me to get caught up on things....amazing daddy and hubby! Matt is a very involved daddy and so proud of his baby girl...she is incredible, so she makes it easy :) I am very grateful for all he does, and just love him so much! Thank you for everything you do as a daddy and hubby!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a great 1st Father's Day :) I've been meaning to leave a comment & am finally taking the time to do it ;) I found your blog through Our Sweet Sophie. Sophie's dad, Brandon, is my cousin! Small world, huh? And what makes is even smaller is that I live in Olathe!!!! I started checking in on you all when Sophie went to Detroit - your diagnosis so new, I just could feel your shock & disbelief --- And Love & Hope! You have found a great support & information team through Sophie's parents & blog! We leave thursday for St. Louis to see little Sophie for the 1st time since surgery!! What a Roller Coaster ride this IS is :( gggrrrrrrr!!! Well, I have 3 little ones myself & if you ever want to call, email, visit :) this is my email address
bye for now, Laura

celinaricardo said...

Happy Belated Fathers day! Jody should become a baker.. she is soo good at making goodies. ;) That video is adorable. Love her laughs


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