Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, Kylie's two month doctor's appointment was yesterday!

In addition to the normal height / weight check and examination, that appointment yielded three shots and a little vial of some sort of liquid vaccine.

She did pretty well while in the waiting room, but when we had to strip her down to be weighed she began to get pretty upset. Now, she's busted out some pretty good screams at home, but nothing like this. Ear peircing to say the least. She continued wailing throughout the height and weight check and then while the doctor examined her. Once that was over we were able to calm her down just a bit - down to a whimper. But Mom and I knew what was coming...

Before we get to that fun, here's the latest stats:

  • 11 lbs even - Just over the 50th percentile in weight

  • 23" - 75th percentile in height
Nurse Pokes-a-lot came in and gave Kylie the liquid, which even though it is apparently very sweet, she was not a fan of. That was followed up by Jody and I each holding an arm and two nurses simutaneously poking her in each thigh. Kylie immediately went stiff as a board, turned beet red and her little mouth flew open, but nothing came out. Then there was the pause while left leg nurse reloaded and grabbed syringe number three. Once that one hit, it was on. She was not a happy camper. Honestly though, the cries were a few decibels lower than those from just a few minutes prior. By the time we left - which was about 10 minutes later - she had calmed most of the way down.

Man, that was rough. I can't handle anybody hurting her.

She did pretty yesterday evening and slept all night. What a little trooper!

And we get to do it all over in two months. And then again two months after that...stupendous!!
Below is a photo Jody snapped with her phone after we calmed Kylie down following her shots...poor thing.

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