Friday, January 16, 2009

Seeing Green

So, she's sick. Or as best we can tell she is.

Kylie's been having some strange colored stuff coming out of the bottom end of late, so after asking around, Jody thought it was best to call the doctor. They told her that if the strange colors persist, then to call back and get little Kylie in to see the doc. Well, it persisted.

So, we bundled everyone up yesterday (Thu) and trekked out to the doctor. Nothing really of note came from the visit, other than a "sample" was provided. The doctor's thoughts were that she was being pestered by the stomach flu or rotavirus (the liquid vaccine she got from the previous, shots, visit to that office). Neither of which are "treatable" but both will last a couple of weeks.

The good news is that Kylie doesn't seem to be too bothered by the whole ordeal. She's eating and sleeping like normal and might even be a little less fussy in the evenings. However, the stuff in diapers isn't pretty. Potent, to say the least. The first one of the day (that's been on her all night) is rough. I changed one of those for the first time since she's been sick and I barely made it through.

Again, didn't seem to bother the doc too much so as long as Kylie stays hydrated, it sounds like its not too much to worry about.

Here's a new cell phone pic that I snapped the other night. Still cute...

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