Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All for Kylie and the love from her Papa

It has definitely been a while since the last post.  Honestly, it is hard for me to post after the last one about my dad...I don't want it to get lost amongst all the other posts and I wanted it to be the latest post for as long as possible.  I can not say it has gotten any easier, because it really has not been the case.  The more time passes, the more real it is, and that is hard to accept.

Just the other day I was putting Kylie down for her nap, and she told me how she missed Papa Joe.  I told her we always have him in our heart, and she said she lost him in her heart.  Oh, that was hard to hear...I don't want her to ever forget that she had the best grandpa in the whole world, who loved her more than anything else.  So we put some of those things back in her heart, and shared stories and memories.  One thing she said was "remember all the hugs and tickles."  Then she asked me to hug and tickle her a lot...(like Papa Joe did). 

I am amazed at how far she has come, and I can not believe this will be her last year at the Lee Ann Britain Center.  We will forever be grateful to everyone that has been on Kylie's team that helped her be where she is today, and where she will soar in the future.  I am truly grateful that through the support from her docs, and everyone at the Britain Center, that my dad got to see and know the amazing girl that was deep down inside and is she is ready for everyone to see and know her...she is just so beautiful and is shining now more than ever.  I know that is because her Papa Joe is watching over beautiful a sight it must be for him to always see her now and enjoy all the progress she has proud Papa for sure!

With that said, you may have noticed Kylie's picture on the right hand side of the blog.  If you click on it, it will take you to Team Kylie, and that is a page we have created the last couple of years to raise money for Kylie's school.  The money raised will be used to help children with special needs in our community, so they can attend the Britain Center at a more affordable rate. We were fortunate enough to have Kylie on scholarship when she was receiving services there, now she is a peer model which is just unbelievable!  Feel free to click on her picture on the blog to the right, or you can click the link here to see her page, and read about so much of the progress Kylie has made. 

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