Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Kylie!

I can't believe it has been just over 4 years since I started this blog!  It all started when I learned that we would be expecting, and now we have a beautiful 4 yr old girl!

It has been quite the unexpected journey since those first blog posts until now.  All in all, we have an amazing, creative, smart, silly, beautiful girl and we couldn't love her anymore. 

Here is a video I started for her 3rd birthday, but didn't quite get it all done...though it was easier to finish for her 4th birthday! I loved looking through all of the pictures and remembering each and every moment that was captured in all of the pictures.  It has gone by faster than I could have ever imagined, so we will try to soak up all the memories, as we have learned they are gone all too quickly.

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Rochelle said...

Happy birthday dear Kylie! She was adorable this morning. She wanted to sit and play with Alayna all day.!


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