Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's up Doc? (Ohio contd)

You read in the last post how we got to meet some great new IS friends while we were in Ohio.  Well, I can't remember if I mentioned it in the last post or not, but we had so much fun with our friends that we were running late to our neuro apptmt at the Cleveland Clinic. 
As luck would have it, Matt's phone was about to die, and I left mine back at my parents house.  Oh, and the day before, Kylie had broken the car charger...of course :)  So our kind friends let us charge Matt's phone in their house before we headed to the doctor.  Come to find that Matt did not have it plugged in all the way, so it didn't really charge...yep. 

Our sweet friends gave us directions to the Clinic, since we were coming from a different way, and the momma works there as an OB doc.  We are off, and I don't know what happened, but we got off track and as Matt's phone was about to turn off at any moment, we were able to look up the number to the Clinic to say we were running late.  Thankfully, there was an apptmt after ours and they got there early, so they just went ahead of us.  Thank goodness for those early folks!
We are finally there and Matt drops Kylie and I off in the street and we run across and into the building.  We get checked in and find our fish tank that we always look at.  

Making fish faces at the fish rock in the tank. 

Kylie immediately went to the floor when we got inside the room, but she got up when we told her to stand up...yay, this would not have worked last year!  The doc wanted Kylie to sit in the chair next to him, and she said no.  So she had a choice to sit in the chair by herself or on my lap...she chose my lap.  Also, she did great for the weight and height check..woohoo!! 

Look, she is even smiling!


Last year it worked out well for Kylie to bring her doctor kit, so we thought we would bring it again.  Sure enough...just look at her listening to Dr. Ghosh's heart!


There was a resident in there and she checked her heart too...and we can't forget Strawberry Shortcake!

As always, our pic with Dr. Ghosh!  Thank goodness for the resident, so she can take our pic :)  Before that, the doc asked the resident to take Kylie to find some stickers and a sucker.  She went with the girl!  Matt and I looked at each other and then the doc, and he said that was part of the see if she would go and she did :)

It just wouldn't be the same if we didn't go visit the tree downstairs.  I don't know why, but we all just love this tree! 


After visiting our tree, we went over to plug Matt's phone in for a bit before heading out to meet back up with our friends for ice cream.  While we did that, we found something new...these cute little turtles that are projected onto the carpet.  (sorry, they are upside in this pic).  Kylie really enjoyed watching them reappear. 


I asked Kylie if she would carry my purse while we got our things together to get ready to go...just something cute about this little lady of ours walking down the hospital halls. 


Then it was off to touch the water wall out front of the Clinic.  We do this each time we go's the little things :)

 I love this one...the water looks so pretty and those little hands reaching for it is just precious. 

After meeting back up with our friends for ice cream, it was back in the truck to return to grandma and grandpa's house.  It was one eventful day for all of us.

So how did the apptmt go?  It went really well.  The doc said he was pleasantly surprised with how well she was doing socially.  He said Kylie was now 1 of about 10 kids that have shown great improvement in that area....since she has so much anxiety and such, he had once put autism as one of her diagnosis', but removed that from her chart last year, and definitely didn't even think about it this year!  We were so excited with how the visit went, and the fact that we were late...I totally forgot to ask some questions.  So I emailed them to him. 

I asked if she needed an EEG again, since it had been a while...well you all that follow, know that we had one recently, but he said unless something suspicious is going on, then there was no need for one. I also asked why we needed to come each year for a follow up...I asked what he was looking for, so I knew what to work on with her.  He said he is required to do so, but there is no need, especially with us so far away.  Yay!  It was over all a great apptmt and we couldn't be happier with how well she did! 

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Rochelle said...

YAY for great appointments and for dropping dx's! WOO HOO!


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