Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Partial Results for EEG #4

Ok, so yesterday was the day we had been waiting for...the results for an EEG that we just knew was better. We waited all day for the doctor to call, and recalled that sometimes he calls late in the evening. He did not call so we had him paged, and apparently they will not page a doctor to give you results. The nurse with the answering service told us we would have to wait and call in the morning. With that said, Matt put a call in to the neuro clinic this morning and we heard back just a little bit ago.

Sooo...our doc is apparently out of the office until Friday, and another doctor (head of neurology) called back and said there has been no improvement. He also mentioned that Kylie had some jerks during her last EEG that were consistant with seizure activity...

...What? Seizure activity, how is that possible when we have not seen a seizure (a seizure that we recognize in Kylie) for the past 2 weeks?! Does this mean she is having different seizures that we are not familiar with, or are they more subtle? Are they truly just jerks, how do we separate those from typical jerks that she has, that any baby has?

Unfortunately this is exactly what we did not expect to hear, and now we have to wait until Friday to speak with Kylie's neuro to get a better picture of what was on her EEG, and have him answer our list of questions...biggest one being "now what?"

Please continue praying for our sweet girl Kylie. She is such a doll, and we love her more than anything else...she is absolutely amazing, so precious, such a light in our lives...a light and gift from God!

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Sherrie said...

It must be so hard to wait to get further clarification. I hope the doctor will have further wisdom to help your little angel. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to help out before I left for Russia. If you need help with her when I get back home, please let me know.


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