Friday, March 20, 2009

Over 4 months old now!

We just can not get over how big Kylie has gotten! Each day we would say "my goodness, you have gotten so big!" I am kind of saddened to see that she is not our little baby, but getting to be so big and developing quicker than I would like. I keep telling her to slow down, so I can enjoy her more, but so far it hasn't happened yet.

Last Saturday we had just left to run some errands and we forgot her pacifier, so I stuck my pinky in her mouth and felt something poke me. Then the very next day (3/15) the same thing happened, and I could not believe my eyes when I saw not 1 but 2 itty bitty teeth poking through on the bottom of her mouth! SOooooo that totally explains why she was extra fussy the week before and refusing to nurse off of me. Who knew?...defintely not us. I told Matt I was a bit sad that she is getting teeth so early, because I want to see her gummy smile a bit longer...he just shook his head.

She just had her 4 month shots this past Tuesday, and her doctor said she is ahead of the game with getting those teeth so early...we like to call her an over achiever ;) Unfortunately she did not fair so well at this visit, as she was extra upset about her shots and was pretty fussy that night..poor thing.

Everything is seeming so routine for us, and we don't freak out as much as we used to. Every 4-6 weeks we have to adjust as she has new demands and we try to figure her out and constantly adapt...those times are difficult for me as I feel like we are starting from scratch. The good thing is we can say we made it through the last few adjustments, so we know we can handle it, besides her smiles make it all worthwhile ;)

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Sherrie Reusch said...

What a beautiful smile! Glad she is doing so well.


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