Sunday, September 7, 2008

We have our crib!

Our crib came in on Friday, so Matt and his dad worked on getting it all put together that very evening. Here are a couple pics of what our little girl's room looks like with her crib all together. I was very excited to see it all assembled, so I could finally put on the cribskirt I made, and see how well it coordinated with the valance I had made for her window.

Oh, I have also begun painting on her walls today! Oh my goodness it looks so cute, but sneak peaks for you guys. I want to wait until everything is complete before I post anymore nursery room pics, so you'll just have to be a little patient ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008

We're almost there...

Our crib has just come in, so we will be picking it up this evening and begin assembling it. Well, Matt will be in charge of the handy work while, I make sure that he is putting it together just right ;)

With the date getting so much closer we decided to take inventory on baby needs. We have most of what we need, but are still in need of a few necessary items before she arrives. Let's see, we still need:

*1-2 more crib sheets
*changing pad and at least 2 covers
*baby monitor
*more burpcloths
*breast pump
*8-10 more burpcloths
*diaper champ

I think once that is set, all we will need to make things complete is our baby girl!

Church Baby Shower

Here are some photos that capture the creative details that Jessica put into the baby shower that she had for us. There were so many added touches that made the day so special for us and all of the guests that attended!


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